Members of the Missouri Bison Association

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Individual Memberships

NameRanch/BusinessLocationMember Profile
Allen, Robert and Julie Buffalo Crossing LLC Shelbyville, KY View Robert and Julie Allen Profile
Baxley, Glenn Highpoint Ranch Fairgrove, MO View Glenn Baxley Profile
Beals, Kasey Beams Farms Eddyville , IA View Kasey Beals Profile
Berkstresser, Richard & Valerie Adair, OK View Richard & Valerie Berkstresser Profile
Bohnenkamp, Daniel & Nancy HillSide Bison Mountain Grove, MO View Daniel & Nancy Bohnenkamp Profile
Bohnenkamp, Wayne & Anita Mountain Grove, MO View Wayne & Anita Bohnenkamp Profile
Brasseur, Carl Windy Hills Bison Farm Tustin, MI View Carl Brasseur Profile
Campbell, Jack Camp Campbell Kansas City, MO View Jack Campbell Profile
Carr, R. H. Marshfield, MO View R. H. Carr Profile
Chiodini, Rod & Cindy Ozark Valley Bison Farm LLC Fox, AR View Rod & Cindy Chiodini Profile
Clough, Allen & Teresa Stonehouse Bison Perryville, KS View Allen & Teresa Clough Profile
Curry, Patrick Lone Elk Park Valley Park, MO View Patrick Curry Profile
Diemer, Jake High Point Ranch Springfield, MO View Jake Diemer Profile
Duncan, Britt Mountain View, MO View Britt Duncan Profile
Dykens, Amy 1972 Lamoni, IA View Amy Dykens Profile
Elliott, Brent Noisy Crow Bison Stewartsville, MO View Brent Elliott Profile
Elliott, Connor Noisy Crow Bison Laurel, MT View Connor Elliott Profile
Gallen, CJ & Tina Cedar Stone Bison Lenox, MO View CJ & Tina Gallen Profile
Gehl, Mark & Kathy Gehls Buffalo Hill Ranch River Falls, WI View Mark & Kathy Gehl Profile
Harden, Carol Harden Ranch Inc. Fairmount, IL View Carol Harden Profile
Hinkle, Jeremy Bass Pro Shops/Dogwood Farms LLC Berryville, AR View Jeremy Hinkle Profile
Hockman, Donald and Amanda Whippoorwill bison ranch Lebanon , MO View Donald and Amanda Hockman Profile
Hoffman, Stanley Red Dog Ranch Creve Coeur, MO View Stanley Hoffman Profile
House, John Riveroaks Bison Bolckow, MO View John House Profile
Kimmel, John & Barbara JRs Bison Company McLouth, KS View John & Barbara Kimmel Profile
Kinder, Craig Buena Vista, CO View Craig Kinder Profile
Klein , Carol Oakcreek Buffalo Ranch Pineville , MO View Carol Klein Profile
Kohl, Susan & Peter K.C. Buffalo LLC Belton, MO View Susan & Peter Kohl Profile
Konetchy, Paul Ballwin, MO View Paul Konetchy Profile
Lewis , Bennett Lewis Ranch St. Louis, MO View Bennett Lewis Profile
Long, Robert & Radella Flintlock Bison LLC - Golden City Meats Ash Grove, MO View Robert & Radella Long Profile
McMillon, Pat Blue Line Buffalo Farm St. Charles, MO View Pat McMillon Profile
Morris, Carol Bison Ridge Bucklin, MO View Carol Morris Profile
Nelson, Bruce Maryville, MO View Bruce Nelson Profile
Nichols, Don Nichols Farm Loami, IL View Don Nichols Profile
Osgood, Michael and Nancy Springfield, MO View Michael and Nancy Osgood Profile
Parsons, Cary ryder ranch Neveda, MO View Cary Parsons Profile
Powell, Peter & Marilyn Five Oaks Preserve Wasilla, AK View Peter & Marilyn Powell Profile
Reeves, Clint & Kathy Birch Tree, MO View Clint & Kathy Reeves Profile
Sample, Jim Meramec Bison Farm, LLC Salem, MO View Jim Sample Profile
Shannon, Sonny & Melanie Fort Bison Ranch Galena, MO View Sonny & Melanie Shannon Profile
Southard, Brian BS Farms Joplin, MO View Brian Southard Profile
Stanley, William & Sally Clio, IA View William & Sally Stanley Profile
Stettes, Mark Acampo, CA View Mark Stettes Profile
Stockton, Elvira Peaceful Buffalo Ranch Lamar, AR View Elvira Stockton Profile
Wedeking, James & Tammy Timber Ridge Bison Waverly, IA View James & Tammy Wedeking Profile
Wehmeyer, Gerald Independence, KS View Gerald Wehmeyer Profile
Young, Dean & Denise Double D Holden, MO View Dean & Denise Young Profile
Zorbrist, Don Holden, MO View Don Zorbrist Profile