Ozark Valley Bison Farm LLC
Herd size: 25-50
Rod & Cindy Chiodini
Ozark Valley Bison Farm LLC
3321 Jimmy Creek Rd
Fox, AR 72051

Ozark Valley Bison Farm, LLC is an Animal Welfare Approved farm selling Certified grass-fed/grass finished bison meat and genetically pure bison breeding stock without evidence of cattle introgression. All herd animals are genetically tested and sold with a genetic purity guarantee and a copy of nuclear and mitochondrial introgression test results. Meat and live animals available for sale.

More information available at: www.ozarkbisons.com

Services and Products:
Sells Meat on Farm: Yes
Sells Meat at Farmers Market: Yes
Sells Breeding Stock: Yes
Gives Tours: Yes
Bison Hunts: No
Internet Sales: No
Skulls & Hides: No